In 1975, during his first semester at the State University of New York at Geneseo, Kevin was inspired by the courage demonstrated by Leonard Matlovich, a decorated officer who challenged the military’s policy of dishonorably discharging any gay man or lesbian who came out of the closet.

Kevin moved to Key West in the late 1970s to be with his partner Joe, a man he had dated in Buffalo, NY. Both Joe and Kevin were unapologetically open about being gay. They purchased land on Bay Point, an island in the Saddlebunch Keys, and proceeded to build their home. They enjoyed canoeing and scuba diving on the coral reefs of the Keys.

Kevin began working on a maintenance crew at a mobile home park on Stock Island. He and his workmate, Jan, became good friends; they eventually left the company and managed their own landscaping and yard maintenance company. Subsequently, Jan entered teaching and Kevin joined the Key West Fire Department.